Let’s save the Egg Mayonnaise !

April 24th, 2012 | Posted by admin in French Recipes

The Egg Mayonnaise “Oeuf Mayo” was a traditional starter in the French bistro cuisine. But, it is slowly disappearing from the restaurant menus, because of the Diet tendency.

A famous French food critic, Claude Lebey, regrets that disappearance of a “monument” of the French cuisine so he created the ASOM “Association de Sauvegarde de l’Oeuf Mayo” (Egg Mayonnaise Protection Association). They are 2 members ……

Each year, they deliver the award of the “Best Oeuf Mayo in Paris”. This year, the restaurant “Brasserie L’Evasion” won the prize !Oeuf Mayo - French Recipe

To cook a good Egg Mayo, you must use only the freshest eggs. Freshness is the key to a perfect Egg Mayo.

Cook the eggs for 10 minutes in a strongly salted boiling water and then, plunge them into cold water. Peel them and cut them in two parts. Serve them very cold topped with a fresh homemade mayonnaise (with much mustard) and a sprig of chives.

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  • Belinda says:

    I did not have those eggs Mayo for quite a while. That’s interesting this simple and easy to make starter will disapear.
    What is the current starter tendency in those brasseries? What about pate and other “charcuterie” if the diet continue to change?