Mulled Wine Alsace

In Winter, in Alsace, the North East region from France, close to Germany, there are Christmas market in every towns and villages. Since the weather can be very very cold and snowy, to warm themselves, people drink a traditional recipe prepared with wine and spices : Mulled Wine.   To prepare a Mulled Wine for … Read more


At the beginning of the summer, every year, we go to France. We need to go there in order to visit our family, who we are missing a lot, and also for business purpose. Every year, we take the opportunity of being in France to enjoy a week-end in a High End hotel Relais et … Read more

Oeuf Mayo - French Recipe

The Egg Mayonnaise “Oeuf Mayo” was a traditional starter in the French bistro cuisine. But, it is slowly disappearing from the restaurant menus, because of the Diet tendency. A famous French food critic, Claude Lebey, regrets that disappearance of a “monument” of the French cuisine so he created the ASOM “Association de Sauvegarde de l’Oeuf … Read more

Food to Live By: The French Crêpe

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French Crepes

Whether you’re preparing yourself a beautiful breakfast or satisfying your long day with a delicious dessert, the French crêpe is one of the most versatile dishes to satisfy those savory, or sweet, cravings. The crêpe is originally from the Western region of Brittany, France. Tales of the first crêpe dish are under scrutiny however, with … Read more

Easter French recipe : 7 hr Lamb Leg

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Easter is coming and it is time in France for some family dinners. Well, there are many occasions to have long family dinners in France ….. We were discussing with friends about the most famous Easter recipe and in fact, since our friends are originally from different parts of France, there were many different recipes. … Read more

Ratatouille : the taste of Provence in a very simple dish.

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Ratatouille is a recipe from the South of France., more precisely from Nice. It is composed of vegetables slowly cooked. The name Ratatouille comes from the word Ratatolha in Occitan, an old language that was used in the south of France. The beginning of the word, Rata, was the name of the mix of vegetables … Read more

A French Classic : Gratin Dauphinois

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This is a recipe from the region around Grenoble (south east of France, close to the Alps) called Dauphinois. There are many different recipes, with cheese for example, but I use this simple one from my mother. Well, this is the simplest, not the lightest …. But Gratin Dauphinois may not be light ! The … Read more

Metamorphose your salads with French Vinaigrette

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Vinaigrette comes with every salad in France, from the lettuce salad to the potato salad and many other ones. Its base is really simple but you can taste many different flavors just by changing an ingredient. It always begins with Oil, Vinegar and Mustard. To prepare a simple vinaigrette : – put a teaspoon of … Read more

A recipe inspired by the first trip of the Orient Express

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Peach recipe

In his book “Cuisine à bord”, François Desgrandchamps explains the wonderful menus that were served during the entire trip–on the cruise ships, aboard the Concorde, and the Orient Express.   The famous train Orient Express made its first voyage from Paris to Istanbul in 1884, more precisely from the October 8 to the October 14. … Read more

Onions soup : A French tradition

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French onions soup

In France, after a long meal (long meals happen often in France…), in the evening, we are used to eat an Onions soup. We may also eat this soup in the morning after a long night of festivities like new Year’s day. Here is a recipe Called “Onions soup of Les Halles”. Les Halles is … Read more